Reducing and reusing

When we start to think about how we can limit the amount of rubbish we throw away we often immediately think recycling. This is perfectly understandable as we have lots of fantastic recycling facilities in Cumbria and we`re pretty good at using them. But recycling is actually third on the list of things that we can do to limit our rubbish. Reducing and reusing our rubbish are even better options!

Reducing our rubbish - including our recycling - in the first instance is the absolute best thing that we can do. If we don`t buy or use an item, then we`re not throwing away the leftovers. This is great for the planet as those valuable natural resources that would have been used to create that item are not used in the first place. It also means that, as householders, we don`t need to buy something, so we save ourselves a few quid.

Reusing items as many times as you can by repairing or repurposing is a great thing to do. Not only does it extend the useful life of something, it can often come alongside a social experience as reusing often gets people talking to each other.

Find out how you can become more resourceful with food, furniture, nappies, clothes, paper and compost.

Reducing and reusing our important resources is a mind-set that helps people, the planet and your pocket. Throughout this site is lots of information and ideas to help you embrace this and in so doing become more resourceful.

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