In the garden


  • Collect rainwater in a water butt for later use. These are available at most DIY centres and are easily plumbed into your existing guttering and downpipes.


  • String old CD`s or milk bottle tops together to scare the birds away.
  • Use old egg boxes as seed trays.
  • Use old toilet rolls to grow your seedlings in.
  • Keep a pile of prunings/clippings in a corner of the garden to encourage toads and hedgehogs for natural pest control.
  • To fill in gaps in your lawn, sow grass seed on used tea-bags and use them to fill the holes.


  • If your district council offers a garden waste collection service then make sure you use it instead of the standard waste collection service.
  • Take your garden waste to your local HWRC.
  • Buy recycled plastic for decking and garden furniture.
  • Get involved in home composting.
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