Same taste less waste

Shopping is a major part of all of our lives.

Now you`ve got your reusable bags how about thinking about what you are buying and whether you could buy greener.

Supermarkets are a great `one stop` shop. However, when you go inside the supermarket there is such a large array of goods on offer packaged up neat and tidy and safe and sound. Packaging is there to help things stay fresh and undamaged but quite often there is nothing we can do with it once we have finished with it. Most supermarkets do offer a selection of loose fruit and veg but you can`t always get what you want without the packaging.

Have you ever thought about using some of the county`s numerous farm shops or even farmers markets?

There are many great farm shops dotted throughout Cumbria each offering great value for money and a great supply of fresh, local, tasty produce. You may think it`s just fruit, vegetables and meat but a whole range of other things are available including fresh jams and honey, cakes, breads, butter and cheese to name just a few. It will usually be fresh and in season so will have a great flavour.

So if you want more taste, with less waste why don`t you give it a try?

Here are 10 top tips to help you reduce, reuse and recycle when out on the high street.

1. Firstly, invest in some reusable shopping bags to take with you when you go shopping, and avoid the 5p bag charge.

2. Make a list when you go shopping, to avoid impulse purchases

3. When possible, buy bulk items like cereal, pasta & rice to avoid unnecessary packaging, and save yourself money.

4. Shop at your local greengrocers or butchers to buy local and avoid unnecessary packaging and the products will have travelled less miles.

5. Have you visited your local farm shop or farmers market to buy locally produced products.

6. Instead of buying packets of biscuits & cakes, try making your own at home. Look at for recipe ideas

7. Can you buy refill products? Refilling containers at home is a simple way to reduce packaging.

8. Can you buy recycled products? Most major stores now have products made from recycled materials including toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, bin liners, tissues and lots more.

9. Have you tried a local veg box scheme? Sign up to your local scheme to try locally grown seasonal veg

10. Try to buy items in packaging that can be recycled.

If you have a question about resources or recycling please call one of the following numbers
Cumberland Council: 0300 373 3730
Westmorland & Furness Council: 0300 373 3300
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