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Landfill sites

Some Councils still send waste to Landfill sites, but there are less and less of these that have space. In Cumbria your general household waste is NOT sent to landfill, but instead is processed through one of our two Waste Treatment Plants. Further items that can be recovered for recycling and reuse are taken out and the remains are turned into a Refuse Derived Fuel which is used by industries such as cement works instead of burning fossil fuels in their furnaces, or for electricity generation.


Lids from jars and bottles can be recycled. Please check with your local Council as some collect lids still attached to the containers where others prefer them separated and placed with your metals or plastics.

Lightbulbs & tubes / energy saving / fluorescent / household

Energy efficient light bulbs are a type of fluorescent lamp and can be recycled at local Household Waste Recycling Centres . Older style `incandescent` bulbs aren`t recyclable and should be thrown away in your rubbish bin. Fluorescent tubes, CFLs (energy saving), HID (metal halide), LEDs and neon bulbs all require recycling. You can take them to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre. Some stores are now offering recycling facilities for various bulbs including fluorescent tubes - B&Q being one. The Recycle Now website has a locator to find your nearest recycle point for various bulbs. Energy efficient light bulbs save you money and help the environment by using less electricity. At the same time you are also reducing the quantity of waste, because they don`t need to be replaced as often as ordinary bulbs.

Loft Insulation

Reasonable amounts (less than 30 bags) of loft insulation are accepted at Household Waste Recycling Centres. NB:- Insulation must be bagged and sealed to prevent loose fibres escaping prior to arriving at the site. For guidance please call 0300 373 3730 if you live in the Cumberland Council area or 0300 373 3300 if you live in the Westmorland & Furness Council area.

If you have a question about resources or recycling please call one of the following numbers
Cumberland Council: 0300 373 3730
Westmorland & Furness Council: 0300 373 3300
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