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Check with your local charity shop if they will accept unwearable clothes / rags. Our charity shop reuse map shows the locations of local shops. Before throwing away, consider alternative uses for clothing such as cutting up for cleaning cloths.

Recycle Points/recycling centres/bring sites

Recycle Points are managed by your local council. They are located conveniently all over the county and provide a range of recycling facilities. They often form part of another site such as a pub or supermarket car park.

Rubber and elastic

Non-recyclable waste, includes elastic bands, erasers, hair ties, rubber gloves and bicycle tyres, should be disposed of in your household bin.


See Building / Renovation / DIY Waste/ Hardcore /Rubble/ Bricks

If you have a question about resources or recycling please call one of the following numbers
Cumberland Council: 0300 373 3730
Westmorland & Furness Council: 0300 373 3300
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