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Around 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away in Britain every day. Every single child uses on average 5,850 disposable nappies in their lifetime. That`s the same weight as two fully grown Cumbrian dairy cows! Disposable nappies are not biodegradable and may take between 300 - 500 years to break down in landfill sites. Reusable nappies are a much more environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative. More information on our Real Nappy pages

Needles /needle-sticks / syringes / sharps

Where possible please return to your pharmacy or healthcare provider.
Please DO NOT place in any recycling container or scheme - needle-sticks or syringes cannot be recycled or reused.

Needles - sewing

See sewing accessories

Newspapers and magazines

See Paper

If you have a question about resources or recycling please call one of the following numbers
Cumberland Council: 0300 373 3730
Westmorland & Furness Council: 0300 373 3300
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